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What’s Where on Lake St. Clair

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Lake St. Clair is “Big Water” bordered by the United States and Canada. Nestled between Ontario and Michigan on the north shores of Lake St. Clair is Walpole Island, which is unceded territory occupied by aboriginal people for thousands of years it is known as Bkejwanong, the-place-where-the waters-divide. Walpole Island is so abundant with natural resources that many First Nations citizens …

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Keep Safety at the Top of Checklist

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 According to the U.S. Power Squadrons Compass, you should not overlook the dangers that many products can pose to your health when you finally get around to tackling those boat repairs you’ve been putting off, environment. Fiberglass Always wear a mask any time you drill, cut or sand fiberglass. The resulting silica dust can lead to silicosis if inhaled. Although fiberglass is …

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“Do it Yourself” ideas from Don Casey on how you can lower your fuel cost

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Keep the bottom clean.  A fouled bottom has about the same effect on fuel consumption as towing a room-sized carpet.Tune your engine.  Gasoline engines delivery their best economy and their best performance only when they are in good tune.  Diesel engines are less tune-sensitive, but having the injectors serviced and cleaning or replacing the air filter is likely to boost fuel …

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How to Care for Your Ropes

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Lt. Eugene Johnson of the Captree, New York, U.S. Power Squadron, offers a few suggestions on how to keep ropes strong and durable.  He says you will need to inspect and maintain them periodically.Hold up an arm’s length of rope at critical points and examine it for chafe, cuts, broken strands and other deformations.  If you find cut strands, chafe …

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Maintenance Tips for All Seasons

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Winterizing ChecklistHere are some essentials on winterizing from the Winterizing Checklist from Boat/US:Potable Water System Drain water from all freshwater system lines and pumps. Inspect pump impellers for wear and lightly lubricate with Teflon® based grease. Inspect hoses for signs of softening, cracking, bulging, leaks or pinholes and replace, if necessary, before filling lines. Inspect hose clamps and replace if necessary. Fill …