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“Do it Yourself” ideas from Don Casey on how you can lower your fuel cost

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Keep the bottom clean.  A fouled bottom has about the same effect on fuel consumption as towing a room-sized carpet.Tune your engine.  Gasoline engines delivery their best economy and their best performance only when they are in good tune.  Diesel engines are less tune-sensitive, but having the injectors serviced and cleaning or replacing the air filter is likely to boost fuel …

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Maintenance Tips for All Seasons

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Winterizing ChecklistHere are some essentials on winterizing from the Winterizing Checklist from Boat/US:Potable Water System Drain water from all freshwater system lines and pumps. Inspect pump impellers for wear and lightly lubricate with TeflonĀ® based grease. Inspect hoses for signs of softening, cracking, bulging, leaks or pinholes and replace, if necessary, before filling lines. Inspect hose clamps and replace if necessary. Fill …