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Popular Swimming Locations by Boat

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If it is too hot to sit at home or at the dock and you need a place to go to cool off, but not sure the best place to go, below are the most popular swimming spots by boat. All locations have a semi hard to hard bottom with no weeds. If you would like to raft off with a friend, depending on winds speed/direction and boat traffic you might not what to anchor in Anchor Bay (off shore from MacRay’s) or Strawberry Island due to the higher waves which makes it hard to keep the boats safe from damage.

BIG MUSCAMOOT BAY                                  N 42 33.27                                  W 82 39.66

Popular Swimming Locations - Lake St Clair - Muscamoot%20Bay_1

                                N 42 39.90                                W 82 38.47

Popular Swimming Locations - Lake St Clair - Bouvier_Bay

ANCHOR BAY (off shore from MacRay’s)                             N 42 36.55                             W 82 48.04

Popular Swimming Locations - Lake St Clair - Anchor_Bay

STRAWBERRY ISLAND                                N 42 35.84                                W 82 42.93Popular Swimming Locations - Lake St Clair - Strawberry_Island

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