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 Top 25 Destinations

 We have identified the “Top 25” destinations on and around Lake St. Clair that offer some of the best experiences across a broad spectrum of interests. Some destinations will allow users to get our on the water while others allow visitors to enjoy the views and sounds from the shoreline. Either way, each of these destinations has something special to offer and provides visitors a new window through which to see this fresh water community. Check back regularly as we continue to add to and update this list.  Top 25

 Family Fun

Lake St. Clair is a special place—an incredible freshwater gem dotted literally with hundreds of destinations and attractions that are PERFECT for family fun.   With a relatively shallow average depth, a multitude of places to anchor, and dozens of sandy bottom swimmin’ holes, it’s absolutely perfect for the kids, too. And if you don’t have a boat, there are a plethora of beaches and public access spots to dangle your feet or take in that perfect view.   

 Boating Lifestyles

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Life is Better with a Boat.” If that’s true, then life just doesn’t get any better than boating—on Lake St. Clair. And the reason for this is, with all due modesty, Lake St. Clair may just be one of the best boating lakes on the planet. Learn More

 Dining & Nightlife

Lake St. Calir is surrounded with dozens of unique reaturants and nightlife destination that cater to all personalities. We’ve compiled a list of businesses on and arounde the water that will allow you to find the perfect spot for your next romantic dinner, girls night out or pace to grab a cold beverage and enjoy the view. Learn More

Fishing & Adventure

Lake St. Clair has become renowned for its treasure trove of game fish, but in recent years, it has acquired the mantle one of the best lakes in North America for both muskellunge and smallmouth bass. Whether your coming from afar, never fished or a regular on Lake St. Clair we are working to connect you with the areas fishing resources.  Learn More

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