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Best Places to Drop Anchor

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If you’re a boater who likes to drop a hook, or anchor, Lake St. Clair offers a number of truly special places you can go—each with its type of scenery and customer. Here’s a short list: Anchor Bay (west) – Close to MacRay Harbor and Belle Maer Harbor, you can get in close and enjoy tranquil water and a sandy bottom. The water is clear, the swimming is terrific. This is more of a family spot often patrolled by Macomb County marine deputies to ensure it stays on the quiet side. Strawberry Island (due east from the mouth of the Clinton River) – A popular anchorage especially on weekends, you’ll find dozens of boats often rafted together with their inhabitants splashing around. Some water and jet ski in the calmer waters around these islands. The water tends to be cooler off Strawberry because of the flow from the St. Clair River. Anchoring here is more of a family experience. Big Muscamoot Bay (Harsen’s Island)– This is an “R Rated” anchorage, even if it doesn’t seem that way as you enter the bay. Interesting, loud, raucous floating parties on weekends. You never know what you’ll see. Not for the faint hearted. Gull Island (off the South Channel)– Ditto, Big Muscamoot. Although you’ll find more of a mix of families, just not during the annual Jobbie Nooner. Grosse Pointe Sandbar (off the Art Van Estate on Lakeshore Drive)– You’re sure to see many boats anchored and rafted in this location, just south of Ford Cove and The Ford House.  It’s a welcome, sandy bottom anchorage perfect for a lazy afternoon.

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