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Stand Up Paddleboarding

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Surf Boards on Lake St. Clair?  Really?

Stand Up Paddleboarding - Lake St Clair - SUPsmall

That’s right, Stand Up Paddleboarding, otherwise known as SUP is new, it’s fresh, it’s the hottest growing water sport in the country and Lake St. Clair has some of the best conditions for it. Have you seen Paddleboarding yet? It’s pretty cool! 

Local parks including Huron Clinton Metro Parks, the private parks of Grosse Pointe and just about any park attached to Lake St. Clair, is quickly becoming populated with folks trying to get a taste of this fresh yet historic way of enjoying Michigan’s beautiful lakes & waterways.

This unique hybrid of kayaking and surfing has become so popular that clubs and classes are forming all over Lake St. Clair and it’s the perfect place to learn and enjoy this sport. SUP is great for kids, adults of all ages, fitness seekers, and even our beloved pets!

There are several different ways to enjoy this sport thus the reason for the diversity of interest. Some do it to see the lake from above, to take a calm glide through the water on a sunny relaxing afternoon. Many enjoy the challenge of learning classic surfing techniques and the feel of nothing between you and the water but a beautiful surf board. Some enjoy the cross training, yoga, and other incredible core fitness benefits SUP offers. More and more SUP sanctioned races are happening in Michigan, one being the annual Sprint and Splash at Lake St. Clair Metro Park. Zen seekers are flocking to rivers and fishermen are finding it to be a great way to get off the shoreline. What ever the reason, this sport is causing people to head to the water and get their surf on! 

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