Lake St. Clair, Detroit River and St. Clair River Fishing Report

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The May fishing report features two novices, Anna and Amy, who enjoyed a day out on the water walleye fishing on the Detroit River with their dad and Captain Joel. Captain Joel’s charters have seen a push of fish from Lake Erie, and there’s been some of the best class of fish on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River, ever! He warns those catching small mouth that they quickly and immediately release them during the preseason. Book a day out with Fish Headz Fishing Charters and Captain Joel Piatek today!

Canadian Rules and Regulations Update for Charters

We wanted to reach out to all of our customers regarding the rules when fishing in Canada. Everyone needs a Canadian fishing license which can be obtained through our website on our License page. They must be printed out and in hand on the charters.

We are required to call in to the Canadian customs with all our passenger’s info, which used to only be your name and date of birth. However Canada is now requiring proof of citizenship. This can be proven in a variety of ways.

1) Some type of photo ID (Driver’s license, etc.)

2) (New Requirement) One of the following is now required! Enhanced Driver’s license, passport, or Birth Certificate & Driver’s license

For children that are with their parents you only need a copy of their birth certificate. However if you have a child that is not yours but a guest of your child they will need their birth certificate as well as a signed letter of acknowledgement and permission from one of their parents. This letter must be on board with the child.

The Canadian customs also can refuse entry to anyone whom has a past felony on their record, if they decide to run/check the person’s information. This usually isn’t the case and we have only had a few instances where passengers were turned away. We just want to make everyone aware of Canada’s rules and requirements prior to the charters as we fish most of the season in their waters.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this info or in regards to you trip, feel free to give us a call to discuss things.

We are looking forward to a great charter season and are anxious to get everyone out fishing this year!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Kevin Backus

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Walleye season winds down…Gear up for Muskie and Bass!

Walleye season is winding down and the transition to Muskie and Bass season has officially started at Mr. Muskie Charters!

This time of year, we have to take a look at the season and this Spring has been a challenge with the weather and colder temps but the Walleye sure didn’t mind as they were on the feed during their spawn again this year! Captain Kevin and crew hit limits most all trips with some really nice fish caught. Made for many great meals for his clients who took advantage of the great fishing on the Detroit River.
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Bass on the hook… 
The pre-season Bass has been very good this spring and not only have the numbers started to come back but the sizes have been very good as well.
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Captain Kevin reports they haven’t noticed many dead Muskie while fishing the river — a good sign for the condition of the Muskie population in the lake! It will be interesting to see how the higher water and cooler spring we’ve had will effect Muskies — but they look forward to hunting them down! 
Mr. Muskie Charters still has availability during the season for their Bass, Muskie & Sturgeon Trips. Give Captain Kevin a call to set up your trips and get out there fishing!
Tight Lines,
Phone and Fax: (586) 771-8817 M: (586) 206-4172

Weekly Fishing Reports from Dam Chimelak of Lakeside Fishing Shop!

Fishing - Lake St Clair - IMG_0615Welcome to our posts from our infamous fishing expert, Captain Dan Chimelak, co-owner of Lakeside Fishing Shop in St. Clair Shores. Dan’s comprehensive “on-the-water” multi- specie fishing report is gleaned from fishing experiences all over Lake St. Clair.  

Year Round World Class Fishing on Lake St. Clair!

For decades, Lake St. Clair has been renowned for its treasure trove of game fish, but in recent years, it has acquired the mantle one of the lakes in North America for both muskellunge and small mouth bass.  Lake St. Clair’s geographic proximity within the Great Lakes basin gives it its unique character as a World Class fishing destination.  The swift flowing St. Clair brings clean, cold and nutrient rich water into the lake, where it is channeled in a wide delta consisting of the North, South and Middle Channels, plus the main shipping channel.  These nutrients spawn bait fish which, in turn, spawn bigger fish.  Really big fish.  From Musky to smallies to yellow perch to walleye, from giant channel catfish to pike and largemouth—you will find them all in Lake St. Clair (and you might get surprised with other fish that tug on your line from time to time). Take a fishing charter if you have limited time and want to maximize your success.  If you have more time, you can rent a small aluminum boat with oars or a small outboard in a number of locations.  Whether you use live bait or artificial lures, you won’t have to wait long until something hits. So if high adventure and big fish is what you seek, look no further than Lake St. Clair.  

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